Terebessy Foundation endeavors to foster constructive and open engagement for the benefit of all.


Open-Access Research

Research serves to provide us with new and improved insights so we can make better-informed decisions. It is also important to participate in information-sharing through open access research to cultivate collaboration and collectively advance our knowledge. Our research is ethical, meticulous, and backed by evidence. We aim to work together to create effective dialogue in promoting policy reform.

Social Improvement

Our research is only relevant if we think in the context of human lives. We highly value the opportunity to implement change as a result of our research and policy recommendations. A key output of our organization is to fund social initiatives based on the collaboration of passionate people and established professionals. We strive to inspire and empower communities as well as endorse global harmony.

effective reform

The very definition of “reform” calls for changes to make improvements. Using informed recommendations, we aim to improve existing governmental affairs to benefit our global community. These benefits encompass issues and opportunities that are important to you, whether it be establishing a better standard of living, higher quality of life, sustainable development, fostering peace, and more.


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Action through informed decisions.


Encouraging effective dialogue is a key component in creating change. We hope to curate and publish our open-access findings to galvanize reform.



Financial Contribution


We rely on funding, grants, sponsorships, and individual contributions to maintain the stability of our organization. That way, we can focus on what really matters to us: empowering and the improving lives of members of our global community for the better.



We love to work with passionate people from the community. Currently we are looking to work with people who come from all backgrounds. Our current duties for volunteers to get involved with are:

- Spreading the word about the event

- Discussing ways to increase accessibility of workshops by bringing costs down

- Copy-writing

- Processing feedback or market research (e.g. cost to attend, length of class, number of participants, ingredient use)

- Connecting with various groups for collaboration

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Work With Us

Our foundation is actively looking for researchers, activists, educators, students and concerned citizens to lead campaigns and discussions on various issues of importance. We promote interdisciplinary learning and are looking to connect with people from various backgrounds.